The innovative materials and technologies developed within MUJULIMA will enable the realization of three applications (the first 2 will be demonstrated during the project, the 3rd one is a virtual demonstrator that will be mature and commercially available technology by 2030):

Electrical devices

Electrical automation devices for in-house application will be equipped with a small (25 cm²) high efficiency OPV module. This OPV equipment will enable devices to communicate with each other (data exchange) without grid connected electricity.

Off-grid charging

Urban furniture (information desk for example) will be equipped with a medium sized (225 cm2) high efficiency OPV module. Using adequate charger and battery, this system will enable the full equipment to run without grid connection.

Solar foil on bus

A roof of a commercial bus will be fully equipped (20 m2) with high efficiency custom made OPV flexible module. The aim of the demonstrator will be to run a dedicated electrical air conditioning system. The system will enable the vehicle to stop its engine when expecting passengers/clients. With such equipment the bus will consume less gasoline and reduce pollution.

Improvement of OPV modules necessary

In the above described applications the common need is to have OPV modules with excellent stability and lifetime, capable for high efficiency solar energy conversion (15% and above) with low cost. To create such OPVs high performance stable materials (e.g. photoactive, electro-active, interlayer, barrier etc. materials) and technologies are needed that will ensure cost effective production and commercialization.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 604148

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